Blossom Dearie the Shar-Pei Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Puppy 's mom says: Dearie, as we call her (she’s named after a jazz singer), was a rescue; I’ve had her for only three weeks. We know she’s part shar-pei and we think the other part is shepherd. She’s an exceptionally sweet and exceptionally intelligent little girl who made the transition from her foster home to her permanent home without a hitch. She’s a bit of a chewer and sometimes steals socks from dressers or the floor but releases upon command. Now that telephone and electric cords have been put out of reach, the best thing to chew is a bone, especially when it’s filled with her favorite treat -- peanut butter. She loves giving puppy kisses, riding in the car, going to the doggy park, and exploring the big city. (She was raised in a rural setting.) Dearie has a very loving, very gentle disposition. In other words, she’s the perfect dog.