Bán the Samoyed

Dog Breed: Samoyed

Bán's dad says: Bán (pronounced 'Bawn') was our first pup. He's two years old. When we got him we spent a week or two going back and forth with names trying to find a suitable name for such a dog. All the usuals were far too predictable: Snowy, Fluffy, etc. I'm Irish and my wife is American so we thought that Bán would most appropriate and pretty rare. Ever since he was a pup he's been no fan of water. He can definitely swim, he just doesn't like it. Ludo, our other Samoyed, doesn't mind; he just plows on through whatever is in front of him, not a bit bothered. Bán will go to great extremes to avoid getting wet. I think its the bathtime afterwards that he hates the most!