Bob* the Great Dane

Dog Breed: Great Dane

Bob's mom says: Bob is now a feisty two-year-old puppy, and yes, I mean puppy! There is nothing mature about this dog, except perhaps his size. Bob is a great dog. He loves his family and protects us with his big bark. Bob goes to doggy daycare once a week, where he greets all the customers by jumping up and peeking over the five-foot-high gate. Imagine their surprise to see his pretty head looking over the gate at them! Bob has recently had to take a back seat to our seven-month-old son, which was not easy for him I’m sure, but he’s adjusted beautifully. He’s been very good with the baby and mostly likes the way his diapers smell! After losing our first Dane at four years old to Addison’s disease, we are looking forward to a long life with Bob. * Previous Puppy of the Day ~ Bob's Puppy Pictures