Bodhi the Pug/Chihuahua

Dog Breed: Unknown

Bodhi's mom says: We adopted Bodhi from Southern Illinois Pug Rescue. He was brought to the rescue organization by some students from SIU who saw him in a high-kill shelter in Chicago and thought that he deserved to have a good home. The rescuer was doing the best she could on her own, taking in all the pugs she could rehabilitate from puppy mills and shelters in the area. However, she had her hands full with 12 pugs in addition to our little Bodhi! He was a country puppy from the start, romping and playing in the woods at the rescuer’s house. Now he’s a city puppy in St. Louis, romping and playfully attacking his older adopted sister and other dogs at the local dog park. He’s a rambunctious little guy who doubles as a thief most days, stealing anything within reach of his little paws, which he then chews and destroys. We’re currently working on “good boy” manners though, and he’s coming along nicely. He snorts like a pig when he’s excitedly chasing his sister in the backyard and also when he’s curled up in your lap to sleep. Nevertheless, despite all his mischievousness, he’s a sweet boy who loves everyone, and we definitely love him in return!