Bogey the Puggle

Dog Breed: Unknown

Bogey's mom says: About three months ago, my husband and I decided that we wanted to get a dog. We couldn't be happier with the choice of our little one. Bogey has brought such joy and love into our home and continues to keep us guessing. She loves to play with anything that squeaks (we've gone through plenty of toys already), loves to bury her bones anywhere she can (that includes between cushions on the couch), and she always has plenty of kisses to go around. Bogey has had a few adventures and has gotten into some things that she shouldn't have, but it is very hard to be mad at her when she looks at us with her cute face. Bogey has tons of energy and loves to play but she is also a cuddler. Every night you can find her curled up in our laps watching TV and dozing. We have introduced Bogey to our friends' dogs (a boxer and a terrier mix) and she outruns them all. My husband and I love our little girl and only wish that our house was big enough to have more than one!