Boris the Miniature Schnauzer

Dog Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Boris's grandma says: Boris is a lively miniature schnauzer. He belongs to my son and his wife. When my son bought Boris home, he was six weeks old and he came to live with us while they were waiting for their new house sale to go through. Boris is a real character and he is very loving. They have now got a lovely new baby in the family and Boris is an absolute treasure with the baby and wants to play with all the baby's soft toys. Boris has a new toy of his own every week but they only last about five minutes. We have yet to find anything that he does not destroy---we're lucky it's only toys that he destroys! But we love him dearly and he has made great friends with our parrot. The parrot throws food out of the cage and Boris cleans it up for him in double-quick time.