Borisz the Siberian Husky

Dog Breed: Siberian Husky

Borisz 's mom says: This gentleman is Borisz, at the age of 11. He lives with us in Hungary. His best roommate is Peggy, the twenty six-year-old greek tortoise. We got him, when he was just six weeks old. To start with, he is fond of howling, and taking long walks. Fortunately he is very obedient, he complies at first word. Nevertheless, he is an original husky. When he was a puppy, Borisz was keen on chasing cats, young warblers and eating everything disgusting from the ground. The only option was to perceive the ominous animal or stuff earlier than the dog. So far I have developed such a sharpen eye.... :) Unfortunately, nowadays, he has some health problems: the vet has just operated from him a malignant tumor. Some of his teeth has also fallen through the years. In addition, he is a bit deaf. In spite of all his illnesses, he is a kind, cheerful old boy. I hope, he will be with us for a long time.