Bowbow the Australian Shepherd

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd

Bowbow's dad says: No picture in the world ever will be able to fully convey Bowbow's gentle nobility, her affectionate nature, her devotion and obedience to humans, or any of the endless ways she finds to make her companionship an uplifting, comforting, and entertaining experience. At a time when conflict and madness seem to prevail in the human spirit, it's good for as many of us as possible to be reminded that there are examples of goodness and beauty upon which all can agree. I'm not claiming that world peace will be achieved by viewing Bowbow's pix every chance you get or by sending the link for Bowbow's pix to all your friends -- but it might be a start in the right direction. See more photos of the adorable Bowbow at Jim Hankey's Flickr page.