Brogan the Shepherd/Pit Bull

Dog Breed: Unknown

Brogan's mom says: Brogan was a rescue puppy and in bad health when I found him at just nine weeks old. He was malnourished and had worms, so my plan was to get him back to health and find him a home. But after only a few hours I knew it would be hard to part with him, especially since my boxer of 11 years had passed a month before. Brogan is now one year and one month old and the center of attention in the household. He is the most energetic dog I have ever met and very friendly. He loves meeting new people, playing tug of war, and anything to do with water. (Baths are incredibly easy!) When washing my car or even my hands in the sink, he is right there trying to get in the water. He also loves swimming no matter how cold the water is. Brogan still thinks he weighs eight pounds and demands to sit on people's laps. He is a very loving dog.