Bronco the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier / Harrier / Labrador Retriever

My fiance and I yearned for another dog and a playmate for the dog we had. So we began our search starting at a local shelter, but none of the dogs seemed right for our little family. We wanted to save a puppy, so that led us out in the countryside of Tennessee. We pulled up on a dusty driveway to see a mother pit bull chained up in the back corner of the yard. As we approached, 14 little pups followed her as she welcomed us. We began to comb through all of them and a little black and brindle one kept following us and my other dog so we chose him. While we were riding home we discovered he was covered in fleas. Being so excited and so new at this, we never thought to examine the dog. We decided his had to describe us all four of us so we chose Bronco--the untamed horse. When we returned home we cleaned him of his fleas and fed him and the next day he began to squeak; it was a little miracle. He was the size of a hand and only 1 1/2 pounds and full of spunk. Bronco is so sweet and full of kisses; he makes all the under privledged children so happy to walk and play fetch with him.