Brutus the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd / Golden Retriever

Brutus is an adorable Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix. Brutus was adopted from the shelter when he was three or four years old. He was severely abused and neglected; when we first went to see him he was so timid. By the time we took him out of the kennel to play with him we knew he was going to be ours. He ran back and forth between everyone and gave kisses. When we brought him home, he ran all over the house to investigate his new digs. He is a very lovable and loyal dog. He is a huge mama's boy and loves attention 24/7. Brutus likes to run and play with his toys and on occasion take things that don't belong to him (stuffed animals, cotton balls, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, etc.). Brutus is a very lucky boy and we will never stop loving him.