Bumble the Jack Russell

Dog Breed: Unknown

Bumble's mom says: Bumble is 100% Jack Russell. Sometimes strangers ask me if he has some silky terrier in him as he is a bit more rounded (and I don't just mean plump!) than most, angular Jacks. He is the strangest dog I have ever met. He is obsessed with water and rubber toys, especially the squeaky kind. He got his name "Bumble" because he had a bee sting on his face when he was 11 weeks old. The strange thing is that late one night I had decided that if I got a dog I would want to call him Bumble. And when I went to a dog breeder about two months later, there was this little pup with a HUGE lump on his cheek. The owner suspected a bee sting as the pup had been known to chase insects. The whole litter had been sold but not him, presumably because he had a lump nearly the size of a tennis ball covering his face! So it seemed that we were fated to be together. Crazy but true.