Burnie the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Labrador Retriever

Burnie is a puppy we adopted from a local rescue. His momma had been trapped under a house and was rescued by an animal control worker. After three days of evaluating, her rescuer suspected she had possibly just given birth. Further investigation under the house led to 9 puppies that had been without their momma for 3 days. It was a miracle they were still alive! Momma was suspected to be Border Collie / Lab and maybe Chow. Daddy is unknown but I am suspecting German shepherd and Rhodesian ridgeback. Our Burnie is the only puppy in the litter that received dominate genes from the daddy because the rest of the litter were all black and look like the momma. Burnie was the first dog we have ever adopted from a rescue. We love our Burnie. He has brought us such joy and we cannot imagine our lives without him! He rescued us!