Calder the American Foxhound/Lab

Dog Breed: Unknown

Calder's parents say: He came to us through a private rescue in a neighboring town. He, his mom, and all his siblings had to fight each other over a small bowl of food. He was so very skinny when we adopted him at eight months old. He has grown to be such a good dog -- gentle, kind, loves kids and the elderly. We hope that he could become registered to visit nursing homes in the area. His best friend is Barley, our three-year-old tubby tabby cat. Calder tries to be friends with Gus, our 13-year-old orange boy, but he is an old crumudgeon and growls at him. Calder had a rough start in life, but he shows no aggression to anyone or any animal, besides the squirrels he likes to chase around the yard. He has a new human friend, our great aunt Sue, who is 94 this month. He recognizes that she an elderly person and is so very gentle with her. He places his head under her arm and she adores his company. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the two together -- it is something special to see.