Callie the Shih Tzu

Dog Breed: Shih Tzu

Callie's mom says: Callie is a precious princess and gives hugs and kisses to everyone! She lives in Austin, Texas, with her two older sisters, Ava and Katie. Ava is a five-year-old rottweiler who is still not so crazy about Callie, and Katie is a two-year-old cairn terrier who loves to play with her. Callie goes absolutely goes BONKERS when she hears her gorilla stuffed toy that makes all sorts of great noises and sometimes drives dad crazy. When she is really excited or showing off, she likes to be naughty -- by bothering Ava, and eating remotes and sticks. Since we are in the process of potty training, she tells us she has to go out by jumping on the wall. Then you have about five seconds to get her outside! Callie was a special early birthday gift and one of the best presents I have ever received.