Casper the Pomeranian/Jack Russell Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Casper's mom says: Casper is a Pomeranian/Jack Russell. She is very hyper and loves toys and to go for walks. She even has her own little dance. She gets lots of treats and toast in the morning. She knows where her treats are and where me and my mom sit for breakfast. She has five other brothers/sisters. She loves attention! More from Casper's mom: Casper is 1. She was born on September 9th. She is a pomeranian and her favourite things are: playing with her toys, cuddling up on the couch, getting her tummy rubbed by my dad, going for car rides, going for walks, sliding at the hill in the winter, and swimming in the summer. if you say the word walk near her, her head will tilt to one side and she will run right to her leash. The best thing she does is when you take a treat out she will start to do a dance. She has once best trick with her dance in the spca walk-a-thon. I hope you all enjoy her pictues!