Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Sep 26, 2008 suelill
Me laughing? Hehehe. Awwwwww Champ you are truly a champ - my favourite breed. What a sweetheart. I'm in love and need a big cuddle Champ. Lots of biscuits and hugs for a happy life.
Sep 26, 2008 wheatie mom
Love you, Champ, dogs that can laugh are the best! Herding dogs rock!
Sep 26, 2008 wolfgirl66
All of his pictures are adorable and he's certainly a little charmer! I hope that ya'll have many wonderful years with beautiful Champ and I can tell ya'll love him a whole lot and vice verse!!!
Sep 26, 2008 sacred
Champ is a very beautiful boy, I love his smile! Lots of tummy rubbings and kisses for you Champ!!
Sep 26, 2008 beccashouse
Oh darlin, you totally remind me of my Aussie. No bal has ever survived her playfulness! Many year of happiness, belly rubs and biscuits. xoxoxo
Sep 26, 2008 maddiesmom
i would love to have a border collie. but i know they require a lot of exercise. champ you must be so smart look at those eyes. you are also gorgeous and sweet and soft and cuddly and loyal and funny and most of a loveball.
Sep 26, 2008 pomtzu
What a handsome boy you are Champ. You look so happy in all of your pictures! Have a long and happy life - and keep smiling!!!
Sep 26, 2008 GwdGma
Champ you are one very handsome boy!! What a good looking dog you are!! Many hugs, kisses and belly rubs from me and Sadie!!
Sep 26, 2008 ckendall
Champ you are a handsome happy boy!! Please give that nose a big ole smooch for me!
Sep 26, 2008 HillCountryGal
Champ, you are a champ! I'm thinkin' you've got a really big heart and appreciate all the loving you can get! Wishing you a long, healthy and happy life.
Sep 26, 2008 djmc
Champ you are soooooooo sweet. You can see how happy he is.Many happy years togther. Champ loads of biscuits and belly rubs
Sep 26, 2008 zoesam
Champ looks like such a happy guy! He knows he has a good home. I wish you many more years of happiness. laughter and good health. Champ is a sweetie!
Sep 26, 2008 shellyrini
personality just oozes out of this handsome boy. He seems so content and ready to go in all of these pictures. I am so glad you found each other. I love his colorings too, he is truly an amazing dog. God Bless handsome boy!! Wish I could kiss that adorable face.
Sep 26, 2008 fritzy
Ohhhh when you finish your description with the statement "We would not know what to do without him (or her)" are hooked, completely gone!!!! I agree with you....the love of a dog is priceless!!! Champ is very cute!!! :)
Sep 26, 2008 dkritter
What a mischevious look you have here Champ! What an absolute cutie! I LOVE Border Collies and Champ is just one of the absolute most handsome I have seen! I wish you many years of joy with this little guy! Lots 'o belly rubs to you champ!
Sep 26, 2008 lucybee
My,my you are one handsome man!!
Sep 26, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
What a sweet happy face! Champ is just beautiful. May you live a long happy life with your human family, and have more love than you can stand. Big ole bear hugs to you from me, and million biscuits from Wolfman.
Sep 26, 2008 k9lover
This picture just screamed for a comment! I adore the look on his face. It's like he's seeing a friend that he loves, but hasn't seen for year! Many happy years to you and Champ!
Sep 26, 2008 lalamcgoo
Champ you are absolutely gorgeous! I love your coat and the way you smile in all the pics! Champ seems like a happy well adjusted kid, lucky you! Tons of belly rubs and kisses!
Sep 26, 2008 melodious
What a cute and silly dog. I could not help but laugh when I saw this all the other pics. He looks like such a ham. Lots of hugs, belly rubs and all the biscuits your heart desires.
Sep 26, 2008 doggies4ever
You know a dog has a great home when he looks this happy! Enjoy your sweetie.
Sep 26, 2008 sherrimartin109
Champ looks like he is "speaking" in this picture. What a sweetie! Lots of love to you.
Sep 26, 2008 Aussie mom
Champ is so beautiful! He looks so happy in this picture. I bet he keeps you on your toes, huh?!? Enjoy!
Sep 26, 2008 Lolabug
Champ, You are so beautiful, Keep that Smile! ;)
Sep 26, 2008 Rickysmom
Awww! What a handsome boy.
Sep 26, 2008 adrianhcole
What a happy guy!
Sep 26, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
What a talker! Champ you are so handsome.
Sep 26, 2008 stormsamson
Champ looks like he has some 'treiver in him! What an adorable face. I'm sure he is the apple of your eye and heart! Many years of blessed health and lovins for you and yours.
Sep 26, 2008 gryt
Hehe, what a cute expression. Super sweet, beautiful doggy!
Sep 26, 2008 malawi
Love the playful look in this photo. He's just beautiful.
Sep 26, 2008 amyliz
Champ, how happy you look! you must be enjoying a great life! Your family is certainly enjoying you--lucky them!
Sep 26, 2008 Puppy Power
Puppy Love!
Sep 26, 2008 lisalisa
OOOOooooooooooooh, Border Collies are one of my favorite breeds. Champ's a beautiful doggy!!!!!!!!!!! His expression is priceless. I can see why you love him so much.
Sep 26, 2008 anitac
Very cute:)
Sep 26, 2008 pamfontainepeters
OMIGOSH! Look at that face! What a character! Champ is GORGEOUS! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Sep 26, 2008 daphne's mom
Champ is so handsome! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Champ reminds of my father-in-law's border collie Sally. Much love and many biscuits to you Champ!
Sep 26, 2008 gary
What a HANDSOM Boy you are. I bet your Soo good at agility.
Sep 26, 2008 brownspots
I love Border Collies. And this One is just typical of why. Such smart Dogs. A real Champ, a show stopper. A trophy winner. Champ you are a worthy grown up puppy of the Day.
Sep 26, 2008 loveheals
He looks so mischievous. Smart enough to act dumb! I had a border mix, those eyes are so familiar they tug at my heartstrings.....
Sep 26, 2008 puppy world
he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo adorble and obiedient i can tell itsa a champion becuase its named champ he sitting ike looking at his owner in the way like he talking to him like he saying ok i did my trick can i get my treat now and he always is joyful and loves playing hes smart to and he likes chewing eight bicuits dont get sick
Sep 26, 2008 puppydog
Champ is so cute, he looks so inasent in these pictures. "I didn't deflate the ball, no not me".
Sep 26, 2008 bookstax
How could you not spoil a dog with that cute a face? What a great dog!
Sep 26, 2008 lucyluv
good old Champ!
Sep 27, 2008 collie_lover101
Adorable! Champ is so cute! I have a collie too! Check him out! :) (Hes on my page.)
Sep 27, 2008 moegerjoe
heyy your dog is so cute i love border colles my dog was the previous big puppy moeger joe
Sep 27, 2008 Beth1226
Hey Champ! You look ready to go when ever your person gives the word. What a beautiful dog!!!!
Sep 27, 2008 wolfy315
This guy has it all!!! Good luck for all the years to come!!
Sep 28, 2008 huskyluvr
He's gorgeous!
Sep 29, 2008 PuppyLove22
Champ you are a handsome boy! You remind me of the Border Collie I had when I was young - Jeter. He was so smart just like I'm sure you are too! It was hilarious to watch him try to herd anything and everything... including the sprinkler, bubbles, the vacuum, and more! Many happy and healthy years to you Champ! :)
Oct 2, 2008 cocolover
OMG this dog is so cute i
Feb 19, 2009 puppygirl4
you r handsome boy Champ and you know you r
Feb 22, 2009 Nature girl
thanks for all the comments!!!!! champ loves getting all the treats and other goodies that u told me to give him!!! kisses from champ
Apr 3, 2009 razz
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWW waht a cute Border Collie. All your pics are so cute it was hard for me to choose. So i did this one, its so cute, lots of hugs and kisses for Champ.
Apr 21, 2009 bella96
border collies are my favorite
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