Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Jan 12, 2013 paulinespuppy
What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL boy!!! from the tip of his nose to the end of that tail.. he's gorgeous!!!! thank u for giving him the love and the life he so deserves. Rescues are the best dogs ever.
Jan 12, 2013 BostonMalteseLover
Oh Charlie, I'm so glad you found your forever home. I bet you love every minute of your life with your humans and Husky brother.
Jan 12, 2013 pupfanatic
I agree w/ Pauline'spuppy! And double thanks from me for rescuing this angel. Sweet, sweet, Charlie. Sigh.
Jan 12, 2013 michelepat60
Too darn right - euthanize over an eye - when the one left is cute enough for both. Bless you for rescuing such a sweetie. Please tell Charlie he has a fan in New Zealand and give him a belly-rub and a biscuit from me. I think he's a treasure!
Jan 12, 2013 bornfree78
Charlie, you're very good-looking!!! Your family is very fortunate to have you and I pray that you have many, many, many healthy n' happy years loving them.
Jan 12, 2013 julie55
What a handsome boy you are Charlie! Many, many more years of hugs and kisses and love! Bless you for giving him a great home!
Jan 12, 2013 dudden
Sweet Baby! Not a care in the world is on his face...beautiful!
Jan 12, 2013 junior'smommy
What a cutie!! I had a beagle that we had to have his eye surgically removed due to glaucoma and a non cancerous tumor in his drainage duct. He became our little pirate boy! So glad your Charlie has such a loving forever home!!
Jan 12, 2013 Bears...just b-claws
Charlie you are so very beautiful, and I am so happy that you have your wonderful forever home and loving humans.
Jan 12, 2013 kristin0929
So handsome!!!
Jan 12, 2013 elliel
Beautiful dog. So glad you gave him a good home.
Jan 12, 2013 Shazza
Oh Charlie what a cutie you are, so glad you have found your forever home. I to have a rescue dog and he has now his forever home, and I could not imagine life without him now. As for you only having 1 eye, we use to have a cat that only had one eye and she lived life to the full and was as sharp as any other cat. You are beautiful.
Jan 12, 2013 goldenlover
Gorgeous dog. Wonderful story, great pics.
Jan 12, 2013 amyliz
Charlie, you sweet, beautiful boy, I am so very glad you were rescued! As for the missing eye..well, you've just got a permanent wink, that's all! Many more happy and healthy years to you!
Jan 12, 2013 Abiglen
First off Charlie, you are a gorgeous boy and possess the qualities of a wonderful family doggy. I'm so happy for you that your life was saved and you are living the "good" life.:) OXOXOX
Jan 12, 2013 stisdall
He looks very similar to my Myya! Take a look:). Charlie is so handsome!
Jan 12, 2013 bluegigi
He's so handsome! Congratulations on finding a most wonderful forever friend!
Jan 12, 2013 dogluvr857
Charlie looks like a wonderful friend, and Good On You (and that shelter) for giving him a second chance at life. The shelter probably felt as if they had no choice because most people don't want to adopt a dog with a "problem," but I agree with you, the eye is trivial, especially for a dog, who uses his senses of smell more anyway. Lots of love, hugs, biscuits, and puppy kisses for all of you!
Jan 12, 2013 dogluvr857
Charlie looks like a wonderful friend, and Good On You (and that shelter) for giving him a second chance at life. The shelter probably felt as if they had no choice because most people don't want to adopt a dog with a "problem," but I agree with you, the eye is trivial, especially for a dog, who uses his senses of smell more anyway. Lots of love, hugs, biscuits, and puppy kisses for all of you!
Jan 12, 2013 oriazxe3
Way to go Charlie...looking good!
Jan 12, 2013 virgilsmama
See, I got the ball! I am invincible, I am Rescue Dog!!! And they call me Charlie and they love me like crazy! I am so lucky and so is my family! Congratulations on your special day, Charlie, you are beautiful!
Jan 12, 2013 virgilsmama
Charlie, you have a fantastic looking family, I see all the love.
Jan 12, 2013 daphne's mom
Still cute! I hope you have many more happy and healthy times together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Charlie!
Jan 12, 2013 1offdoggie
Charlie brings tears of joy to me that there are still folks out there that have so much love and a heart as big as Charlie's. Enjoy your family Charlie, you deserve it!
Jan 12, 2013 susannablues
Yes you can see the elegant collie nose in this pic. All kudos to you for taking on a "damaged" dog. He's lovely!
Jan 12, 2013 lucybee
What a handsome man! And what a loss if he had been put down for such a minor problem.He clearly has lots of happiness ahead of him.Thank you for rescuing him!
Jan 12, 2013 cane corso
Charlie is gorgeous! And of course you KNOW everyone that subscribes to Daily Puppy adores YOU for adopting him!!!
Jan 12, 2013 kgpayne13
What a handsome boy! You are so smart for snapping him up. Wishing you a long, happy life together!
Jan 12, 2013 WATERDOG
I am so glad that things have worked out! Go get 'em charlie, Cheers!
Jan 12, 2013 buzzy
OH Charlie you are such a lucky dog. Your parents have got to be very special too. I wish you all much love and happiness together. Mega *hugs* to you both.
Jan 12, 2013 chelsearosebud
Charlie, you are a glorious boy! While losing an eye is anything but trivial, a loving forever family is simply the best! Sending my best and dearest love to you, beautiful soul. xoxo
Jan 12, 2013 ILUVMYBubbah
Somebody is chopping onions right in front of me. Charlie what a super sweet story. I am so happy for you and your owners.
Jan 12, 2013 pogodog1
Charlie looks a lot like my dog. He is a very handsome boy. Let's give him lots of love and belly rubs.
Jan 12, 2013 janet weir
I am so glad you found your loving family Charlie! You are beautiful!!!!
Jan 12, 2013 Barnaby's mom
Beautiful Charlie, what a sweet boy. So thankful you rescued this wonderful and loving fella, thank you. And he will thank you for all of his life, and love you for giving him a loving home. Wishing you long life together and much love and play and cuddles to Charlie...sweet face....
Jan 12, 2013 AdrienneAce
Oh, Charlie, you are quite the handsome man, the son of what surely beautiful parents. Your new mom and dad and brother are the so lucky to have you in their family. I wish I could meet you so I could snuggle and play with you. Have a wonderful, healthy, and long life! Many hugs to you....
Jan 12, 2013 LaurelG
I am a big Charlie fan. SO HANDSOME and looks as sweet as he sounds. What's wrong with a permenant wink? Charlie knows the truth of true love, he's winking because of the inside story. Also, I had a total blind and deaf dog and he was fantastic too. People drive cars with one eye. Glad you found each other.
Jan 12, 2013 gryt
Aww what a sweetheart! Such a darling boy!! He's gorgeous. Xoxo
Jan 12, 2013 jaclyn.rowe
What a terrific looking dog! Like others have said, God bless you for adopting this sweet pup! I wish that you all have a long and happy time together. Give Charlie a hug for me!
Jan 12, 2013 drakes' granny
Charlie is a handsome boy. Thank heavens someone stepped in to save him. He found the perfect person to take care of him and love him. I'm sure you will never regret opening your heart to him. Lots of love and extra treats for Charlie!!!
Jan 12, 2013 mtnmchgrl
Love him! Rescued pets are the best!
Jan 12, 2013 BrownDog97
So Sweet! It's like he's always mid-wink! Thanks for giving him the home of his dreams!
Jan 12, 2013 rotti lover
What a sweet pup! He looks like a real love bug!! I'm so glad you found him in time.
Jan 12, 2013 flutey48
I'm not sure who is luckier - Charlie or his family... he's a winner!
Jan 12, 2013 iluvk9s
Charlie is so beautiful and sweet!!! So happy he has a wonderful forever home!!
Jan 12, 2013 TearsofPearl
So happy you came to a loving home...what a sweet baby you are!! xoxox
Jan 12, 2013 westiefan99
Sounds to me that you deserve your cuddly, snuggly angel as much as he deserves you! May you all have many, many years of joy, cuddles, games and treats!
Jan 12, 2013 fat cat 1
How could anyone want to put down such a precious and beautiful dog? If I could, I would definitely adopt an animal with any kind of disability. Charlie, stay the sweet wonderful animal that you are.
Jan 12, 2013 monkeynbubba
Hi Sweet Thing; Awwww You are a beauty; Sooo glad you got rescued Charlie.. Be Happy Loves..
Jan 12, 2013 waterwriter
Your reward for saving Charlie, deemed no good cause of one bad eye, is having Charlie in your life. He sounds like such a wonderful dog, warm and loving, playful spirit, I could see why you cherish him and he cherishes you. Dogs know when they're rescued by someone who is naturally special enough to adopt them. May you and all your family, including Charlie, have a wonderful life together. Stay happy.
Jan 12, 2013 dgreene68
What a handsome little guy such a sweet face! He was very lucky to have found you and your family! I wish him forever hugs and belly rubs! Congrats Charlie on your new family may all of you be happy forever! Blessings to all!
Jan 12, 2013 mychiensr1
Charlie boy is soooo handsome! I love your eye. I think you are the sweetiest and cutest baby boy in the whole world. XOXOXO!
Jan 12, 2013 mkesj
Gosh what a beautiful dog! He'd be a very popular breed! Just gorgeous.
Jan 12, 2013 mkesj
What a face! Such a beautiful coat!
Jan 12, 2013 gypsysoul68
What a sweet boy! Bless you for giving him another chance! :)
Jan 12, 2013 The Raven
Charlie, you are a gorgeous handsome LUCKY fine fellow. And thank you so very much to your owner for rescuing you and giving you the fine full life you so richly deserve. Enjoy every minute, you are priceless.
Jan 12, 2013 PUPEELVR
Charlie, is a big sweetheart and to the owner, I'm so glad a path, lead you to this precious animal...
Jan 13, 2013 Oldheifer
Jan 13, 2013 bestfriends
Many blessings to the smart people who rescued this gorgeous dog. He will love you for the rest of his life! We have a 12-year old Doxie who is almost blind, no bother. Of our 3 Doxies, he is the absolute best dog we have. Many more healthy, happy years for Charlie and River that are filled with love, play, and snuggles.
Jan 13, 2013 JanW
Charlie, you're a BEAUTY...even with one eye or 2, I likely would have adopted you, too...given the chance. Whoever lost you or gave you up lost a great thing in you, but I'm so grateful that you found a loving 4-ever home! You're a real blessing to each other. RESCUES RULE, pretty boy!!
Jan 13, 2013 clemency
"I'm going to stretch out and claim as much floor space as possible. . .let's see. . .legs extended, tail extended. . .done! Let the humans step over me!" Charlie is a very handsome boy with beautiful fluffy fur. So glad you rescued him!
Jan 13, 2013 Critter Crazy
We have a furboy with just the one eye, and truth be told, he doesn't know he is missing anything and neither do we. He is also the smallest of our furfam and he rules the roost. May you have many years of joy, love and happiness with Charlie.
Jan 13, 2013 roughcollielover
I think u did such an awesome person for adopting him. I think every dog is beautiful no matter what
Jan 13, 2013 pirosred
So glad you have Charlie; wonderful adoption story.
Jan 15, 2013 guerrero's grandma
Charlie is a handsome boy! and he looks so happy too! What a great story! Bless you for the rescue! I know his kisses are reward enough... Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you both
Jan 15, 2013 little_v
Well look at the precious snuggle buddy you are, little Charlie. You are a most beautiful pup. xoxo
Jan 21, 2013 Linds622
What a beautiful sweet boy! So glad you gave him his forever home! Rescue dogs are the best! :)
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