Charlie the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Chihuahua / Dachshund / Pomeranian

Charlie is such a charming dog. He's always so happy. Charlie never fails to greet me at the door and really doesn't like to kiss me when I leave. Charlie is constantly licking his family members and makes sure that he shows them he loves them. He is also a very smart dog! He knows a few tricks and whenever he damages something, he hides because he knows Mama isn't happy! Overall Charlie's just the most charming ladies' man you can find, and he loves it too.

Comments (26)
Dhira Mar 9, 2013
Spend a long happy life with your family....Kiss kiss

cpape Mar 9, 2013
What a sweet little face!

bestfriends Mar 9, 2013
Charlie, you're such a snuggle bunny! All good wishes for a long,...

goldenjoy Mar 9, 2013
Many sunny days and much love is wished for you Charlie!

goldenlover Mar 9, 2013
Love the pics, love the story !! Charlie's the man !!

Mmmousemaid Mar 9, 2013
Charlie sounds like such a sensitive dog. He's very loveable.

Abiglen Mar 9, 2013
Happy, charming and a ladies' man you're a triple threat,...

drakes' granny Mar 9, 2013
I really don't think I could get mad at that little face at all...

daphne's mom Mar 9, 2013
What a sweetheart! I hope you have many happy and healthy years...

lolacutiepie Mar 9, 2013
What an adorable little doggy!

buzzy Mar 9, 2013
Charlie, you are such a darling. You may snuggle with me any time.

bluegigi Mar 9, 2013
This is how I get my beauty sleep because being this cute is exhausting!

lucyny2000 Mar 9, 2013
Charlie is absolutely precious! What a wonderful mix! Blessings from NY

chelsearosebud Mar 9, 2013
Sweet, adorable Charlie ... you are indeed a present from heaven! I...

The Raven Mar 9, 2013
Charlie cute little fellow with a super-sized bone. You can really...

virgilsmama Mar 9, 2013
this puppy is so very sweet, beautiful and tiny. I love your color too!

amyliz Mar 9, 2013
Charlie is adorable and sounds like a real lovebug! Many happy and...

pupfanatic Mar 9, 2013
So adorable: I could never get angry at a little morsel like this,...

Critter Crazy Mar 9, 2013
Aw, sweet and cute! No wonder you love him so.

Mike Harper Mar 9, 2013
Charlie No doubt you are a great friend and...

mychiensr1 Mar 9, 2013
Oh Charlie, you are soooo adorable! I can tell that youe mama...

michelepat60 Mar 9, 2013
Oh my! What a wee honey! My Angel sleeps like this too. Makes you...

nancybatt1 Mar 9, 2013
Charlie you are one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever seen. I...

Ivylea Mar 10, 2013
Poochie Poo!!!

iluvk9s Mar 10, 2013
Charlie is such a precious snuggly baby!!

veronica Mar 11, 2013
so cute x