Chi Chi the Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Chi Chi's mom says: Chi Chi is one of our three dogs (the other two being Gordon the Scottish terrier and Sarah the West Highland white terrier). Chi Chi is the first dog I ever owned. He was sold to us as a Scottish terrier/West Highland white terrier cross. He isn't, but we don't care. He is the most friendly, happy dog and is a joy to own. Originally we called him Gus, but after the vet said she thought he had a bit of Chihuahua in him we started calling him Chi Chi as a joke and it stuck. Chi Chi is obsessed with golf balls. If he does not have a golf ball he is miserable. We go camping and have to take an egg carton full of golf balls because once he lost his golf ball and would not eat for the rest of the trip. He wanders around all day with a ball in his mouth. He even howls and barks with a ball in his mouth. Chi Chi is self-cleaning. No matter how muddy/mucky he gets, in half an hour or so he becomes magically clean again. It's like he has Teflon fur. Unlike our dirt magnet, Sarah, who, after being cleaned, is magically dirty again within half an hour.