Chino the Bloodhound/ Great Dane Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Chino's mom says: Chino is a little dog in a big dog's body! He loves to play with his toys and squeak them all day long. He goes to work with his mom everyday and he loves to be right where she is at all times. He follows her room to room to room. He loves to see who is coming and going at the workplace and he howls at all of the employees when they get to work even though he sees them everyday. It's his welcome howl. Chino loves to cuddle with his dad, especially when it's cold. His mom and dad say he's a great heater. He snores when he sleeps. He has very caring and sensitive eyes. He's a trash digger, he can't help it, the trash smells so good! When he runs, he gallops like a horse running in a field. He's the best dog!