Chloe the Collie / Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Chloe's sister says: Chloe is very special to our family because we rescued her from the Ottawa Humane Society. We'd wanted a dog for years. We looked online and found this adorable puppy, who was originally named Sheila (because she was part Australian shepherd). Within the next few days, we finally got a chance to meet Sheila one-on-one. She was everything we'd wanted and we knew we had to take her home. The name Sheila wasn't preferred by the family, so we came up with a name that suited her better: Chloe. When Chloe hit about two years old, she started getting some gray fur. Of course, it was just her coloring. To this day everyone thinks she's a really old dog. We all love her so much, and we learn more and more and more about her every day.