Chloe the Maltese Mix

Dog Breed: Maltese / Shih Tzu

My name is Chloe. I live the dream in Manhattan, but don't get me wrong, I love to play in the mud! I have one blue eye, but that's ok, Mom says it makes me special. My best friends are my brother, Kuma, and my grandparents' dogs Lillie and Lucy. I love to chase leaves, play in the snow, play with my brother, and attack squirrels! In my free time I go to the beach and snuggle. Whenever I see an animal on the TV I make sure to bark endlessly at it!

Comments (30)
happypup Sep 27, 2012
What darlings they both are!!! And Chloé has such an...

DaveBear Sep 27, 2012

border collie mom Sep 27, 2012
Heeeelloo..... I'm a dog remember and this was worth the bath!...

ECHOBLIZZ Sep 27, 2012
PERFECT LITTLE CHERUB!!! Smooches to this baby...and her friend too!!!!

goldenlover Sep 27, 2012
Terrific little guy waiting for the door to open !! Great story,...

amyliz Sep 27, 2012
Chloe, you are a little love! It's fun to jump in a pile of...

amyliz Sep 27, 2012
OMG! Someone was having a great time...too funny!

guerrero's grandma Sep 27, 2012
Chloe, you gorgeous girl, thank you for my morning giggle! You are...

Cat Mom Sep 27, 2012
Chloe you are such a sweetie pie! And so photogenic - all of your...

veronica Sep 27, 2012
so cute x

bluegigi Sep 27, 2012
Oh dear Chloe, you're in it now baby girl!!! So adorbz!!!!

virgilsmama Sep 27, 2012
Oh Chloe you are so sweet with such a pretty, pretty face. Sounds...

elliel Sep 27, 2012

Learama Sep 27, 2012
Peekaboo! What a sweet little dog!

janet weir Sep 27, 2012
What a sweet little mucky face!!! You are adorable Chloe!!!!!!!!

janet weir Sep 27, 2012
Love your little buddy too!!!!!

daphne's mom Sep 27, 2012
Chloe you are adorable! I hope you have a long happy and healthy...

chelsearosebud Sep 27, 2012
Chloe, you know the saying: photos don't lie. Look at you, you...

chelsearosebud Sep 27, 2012
A total heart-stealer! xoxo

gouldkb Sep 27, 2012
But Mom - it's a new spa facial treatment. All the dogs are doing...

tzumom Sep 27, 2012
What a sweet pair...such a cutie. Glad to see you have found some mud...

LATaurus Sep 27, 2012
Is there a dog in there? ;-)

JanW Sep 27, 2012
It's fall....and a little puppy jumping in the leaves!! What a...

Critter Crazy Sep 27, 2012
Just the cutest grin there, amidst the muddy furface. Chloe is such a...

Jose Sep 27, 2012
Chloe you're soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope that you have...

ritcheya Sep 27, 2012

shaydo6 Sep 28, 2012
Such a sweet puppy! She melts my heart!

Abiglen Sep 30, 2012
Chloe you are adorable. It's so nice your mommy lets you have...

drakes' granny Sep 30, 2012
Great pictures of a cute little furry friend. She sounds like a fun...

iluvk9s Sep 30, 2012
What sweet babies!! Chloe and her friend are so pretty.