Chrissie the Mix Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

Chrissie's mom says: Chrissie and I have grown up together. We rescued her from a shelter in 1993, where she was suffering with severe mange, anxiety, and digestive problems. The vet didn't think she'd pull through, but she surprised everybody. Her fur grew back, she put on weight, and she blossomed into a beautiful, happy, friendly dog. She's been my constant companion, and I have many happy memories of us romping through the Shropshire countryside together. In her younger days she would have a daily "mad half hour" where she'd tear around the garden at full speed with her favorite red ball in her mouth. Now 15, she's deaf, partially blind, a little senile, but still my baby girl. She enjoys plodding around the garden, and sleeping on her favorite rug.Last year she surprised everybody again by making a full recovery from a stroke. She's an amazing dog, and every day with her is precious.