Cinder the Black Mouth Cur

Dog Breed: Unknown

Cinder is what is known around Florida as a Florida Cur. I rescued her at eight weeks old. She came down with parvo two weeks after I rescued her. Luckily, I work for a veterinarian, so after a very long week of intensive care hospitalization (I slept on the concrete floor every night next to her cage), she survived. I call her my miracle dog. Cinder's favorite thing is to go "bye bye" in the car. Her best friend is Echo. She can scale a small tree, and she loves to chase squirrels up the tree. She loves to have her neck and chest rubbed and will nibble at my fingers if I stop. She wants the front windows open so she can sit in the window with Echo and watch the neighbors when they are outside. Cinder is very friendly with any kind of animal. She has never met a person she did not try to lick to death. She lights up my life!