Cinderella and Jasmine

Dog Breed: Unknown

Cinderella and Jasmine's dad says: When I suggested we get a Chinese crested puppy, even my wife said “Ewww.” Then she met a few at a dog show. Everyone thinks they are ugly dogs until they meet them, for some reason. I think they are adorable. This is not the breed to get if you don’t want people to talk to you because wherever you go people will ask about them. My daughter fell in love the second she saw the puppy and named her Princess Cinderella Doggy (my daughter was three at the time). Within a few weeks, even my wife said she can't imagine loving a dog more than Cinderella. Then our breeder asked if we wanted her sister, who had been adopted by someone else who decided she didn’t like the attention. So…. we adopted her, and Reilly named her Princess Jasmine Doggy. (Sensing a Disney theme?) We love her as much as Cinderella and now they will grow up together.