Clancy the Border Collie/Chow Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Clancy's mom says: My family rescued Clancy from his previous home when the owner couldn't handle his high energy. He was only six months old, but his border collie instincts kicked in, and soon after we brought him home he started herding us all together into one room. He would bark at us and nip us playfully at our ankles. Soon after we got him, I taught him how to sit (properly), shake (separately and both at the same time), lie down, roll over, and speak. In the past year or so, he's learned to recognize different rooms of the house (family room, basement, upstairs, downstairs, "my room", etc.) and he knows where we hide the rawhides. If I say "Clancy, let's go to my room," he'll run up the steps, jump onto my bed, and look at me as if to say "Okay, what now?" If we mention "family room" he'll go straight to the cabinet where we keep the rawhides and sit in front of it, giving us his cute face so he can get his evening chew. He's really sweet and loves to run and play. He also doesn't seem to mind me taking pictures of him. He knows he's goofy, and he uses that to his advantage to get us to spoil him. H\'s very protective of us, so he barks and growls when strangers walk past or when the doorbell rings; but it's just a mask. In reality, he's very gentle, just doesn't like strangers until he gets a good sniff of them. Even though he's five years old, he's still very bouncy and playful. We're so lucky to have seen his ad at Petco - our lives would be so different without him!