Clancy the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

My human thinks I am one good looking furboy and her nickname for me is Handsome-Clansome. I have the best smile, guaranteed! She believes I love to make her laugh, and she is right. If my human "sneaks" into another room, and I realize she is gone, I'm off and prancing from room-to-room, looking for her, with a bit of a panicky look on my face. When I find her, usually hiding behind a door, she starts giggling. She says playing hide-and-seek with me is fun. But I don't mind because when she starts laughing, I start grinning - tongue hanging out, and a goofy look on my face. When we are going somewhere in the car, I sit in the passenger seat next to my human. I am quite demonstrative and I often use my paws to communicate. I am also a couch yam--note the coloring. I pine for the couch and pout if I can't do my lounge-lizard thing on it. I'm one fine gent and I love her to bits.