Clifford and Elvis the Labradors

Dog Breed: Unknown

Clifford and Elvis's mom says: I brought Elvis home and then eight weeks later I got Clifford to keep him company during the day when I'm at work. I converted my garage into their own room with a dog flap on the door, wall to wall carpet, a sofa, and fluffy rugs. They even have a radiator to keep warm and a lamp for when it gets dark. They only go in their room when I'm not at home; otherwise, they follow my every move in the house. They even try to get in the bath with me as they love water. They are spoiled rotten and loved very much by me and daddy and their grandparents. Here in England, we live in the heart of the countryside, so every morning and night they are walked to the forest and taken to swim in the lake, which is really good exercise for them. They have a lovely life at home and with the horses at my stables too.