Clifford the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Clifford's dad says: Clifford is 13 1/2 years old. We've taken to referring to him as the "Wonder Dog". He had his spleen removed 6 weeks back because of a potentially cancerous tumor contained within. It turned out to be benign and Cliffy came home the day after his surgery like a new dog!!! He never once scratched or licked at his incision and was moving around the house like he was three of four years younger! He continues to do fantastic! So much so that his vet is in disbelief and commented last week that he hasn't seen Cliff look this good in YEARS!!! He LOVES kids and other dogs, being petted by anybody and everybody for as long as humanly possible, going for rides in the car, visiting his vet (yeah, we know, that one's weird) ice cubes, bananas, Clementines and even pickles. But by far, his favorite person in the world is his Momma (my wife). He'll follow me or the kids around all day, but once my wife comes home, she's number one and we fade into the background. If you're upset about anything, he's the first one there to console you with lot's of doggie kisses. We love him and are thankful for everyday we have with him!