Coco the Chinese Crested

Dog Breed: Chinese Crested

Coco's mom says: Coco is a Chinese crested powderpuff. Once in a while there is a puppy born in a Chinese crested family (hairless dogs) that has hair all over its body, and these rare, adorable puppies are called powderpuffs. Coco is sweet, lively, and very playful, and she loves to entertain people or other doggies by showing off all her toys (bringing them all one by one and putting them in a big pile). Sometimes she loves to steal her sister Mignnone's toys and runs away very fast so Mignonne can chase her. (Mignonne, a Yorkshire terrier, can never catch Coco, but it's very funny to watch them ). Coco is a typical Chinese crested -- intelligent and very alert. She loves the sun and she is very happy to live in Florida.