Cody the Pomeranian Mix

Dog Breed: Papillon / Pomeranian

When we first got Cody, we didn't realize he was sick. Luckily we got him the medical attention he needed barely twenty four hours after bringing him home and although he's still fragile, he likes to let us know he's tough too. Cody is the oldest of our three boys and he takes his job as big brother very seriously. He plays referee to all fights (play or not) and he'll make a point of rounding up anyone who doesn't come when called. He is our little protector, even jumped into the pool to save his Boxer brother, Lucky, before realizing swimming was a lot harder without someone holding him! He's a fast learner, a great listener and as handsome as a prince. Other then that, he loves to play fetch, make nests out of our clothes and his favorite game is "chase me".