Cooper the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Border Collie / Mixed

Hi, I'm Cooper! I'm an agility puppy. I love the table and the tunnel and the dog walk and the jumps and everything! I love maple syrup, but my person only lets me lick it off her fingers. And I love ice cubes, and going bobbing for ice cubes in my water bowl. Sometimes I blow bubbles, which makes my people giggle, but it's fun! Speaking of fun, I love going down to play in the river with my people and my big brother Balto and my sister Mist. I love hopping and splashing in the river and catching the ripples! My people say every day how much they love me and how lucky they are, and that I'm the cutest, best puppy ever. But I know I'm the luckiest puppy ever and every day I show them just how much I love them, with all my kisses, waggles and cuddles.