Cooper the Pomeranian

Dog Breed: Pomeranian

Cooper's mom says: I just recently adopted my Pomeranian, Cooper (about a month ago, February '08). He will be 6 years old in July. He came from a house with 3 other dogs, a cat, and some birds. His mom was going to start taking care of her daughter?s new baby, and she said she couldn't deal with all the animals, too. I'm not sure if she was getting rid of any of the other animals. I have to say we feel extremely lucky to get Cooper. He adjusted very quickly to us and our house (it is just me and my boyfriend), and I think he likes being the only child and getting all the attention and love. He is spoiled! He's a little snuggle bug and he smiles at everyone! Everywhere we go, he puts a smile on everyone's face when they see him. He has such a great personality! He barely ever barks, only if someone comes to the front door and he can't see who it is, or when he's chasing around his favorite basketball outside in the yard. We live in a quiet, rural neighborhood in a town in Massachusetts, outside of Boston. Cooper comes to work with me quite often, and loves to have people come in and pat him and give him treats. He loves his little squeaky stuffed toys, they are his favorite! He gets so excited when he knows he's going for a ride in the car, he starts jumping around in circles and "talking" to you. Every morning when I get up he waits for me to pick him up so he can give me a snuggle and a good morning kiss. He loves to wear his sweater when we are ready to go outside and he knows his head goes first, then the left paw, then the right paw! He is our handsome little boy!