Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jan 3, 2012 boncuk
Great rescue! Great job!
Jan 3, 2012 happypup
What a beautiful, sweet girl! So glad you rescued her from those horrible kids. I feel very bad for all the puppies they adopted and then rejected.
Jan 3, 2012 colas
What soulful eyes! A beauty. Long and happy life with all your brothers and sisters and human family too!
Jan 3, 2012 sammienmona
Daisy is such a beautiful girl. Sounds like she found a great forever home.
Jan 3, 2012 maroula
I'm glad you found your people, Daisy and you have a happy home. You deserve every bit of it ! You're a very sweet girl and your kindness is mirrored into your lovely eyes !
Jan 3, 2012 border collie mom
Coonhounds are so misunderstood, and so full of love! Daisy is a beautiful lucky little hound dog. Don't you love those long silky ears?
Jan 3, 2012 hounddad
Daisy is a beautiful girl without a dout.Thank Godabove for careing folk like you who saved her from a horrible live.I realy love how you can see the warmth & inteligance in her eyes.I currently have a Tree Walker Coonhound & I'm looking for a Black and Tan to adopt so my Gus want have to be lonely when I'm not home and I love the breed. Hope you guys have many long happy years together, and thanks for being wonderfu people and rescueing this beauty.
Jan 3, 2012 daphne's mom
How beautiful! How could anyone not love this sweet girl? I hope you have many more happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Daisy!
Jan 3, 2012 hounddad
Sorry for the miss spelling on my preavious coment. I'm not fully awake and forgot to proofread. Just to fix my biggest goof, my hound Gus is a TREEING WALKER.
Jan 3, 2012 Swj
She's not only beautiful, she looks like she's definitely HOME! Thanks for sharing another story of human compassion towards our fellow creatures (exp the one's that we've breed to be dependent upon us). May God bless you and your family in countless ways!
Jan 3, 2012 Mmmousemaid
Poor Daisy. I'm so glad she is living in a loving home now. - love coon hounds;
Jan 3, 2012 biochemphd2
Thank you for saving Daisy! You were meant to find her and that is what happened. Continue having a great life Daisy!!
Jan 3, 2012 amyliz
Daisy, you are a beautiful girl and your eyes say it all about you...sweet, loving, and gentle. So glad you are now in the loving home you deserve...many more happy and healthy years to you!
Jan 3, 2012 Abiglen
Daisy is beautiful. Her story touched my heart. Thankfully, she was taken into a loving home and made to feel special - because she is! Blessings to all. I wish I could personally give you a big kiss, Daisy. Hugs to you, sweetheart.
Jan 3, 2012 MaeDeLena
Oh Daisy, you make me crazy! Crazy in love with your sweet soulful brown eyes and your long floppy years that I just want to scratch endlessly and kiss! I'm so happy that you found the family that will love you and treat you exactly as you deserve!
Jan 3, 2012 BeautyLover
Thank you so much for giving beautiful precious Daisy her forever home. She's magnificent.
Jan 3, 2012 pandrews-4
I was so excited to see that you won today's GUDP! You are such a beautiful girl with gorgeous soulful eyes! Enjoy each and every day with your human and fur-family! Hugs & lots of kisses from Maisie & I!
Jan 3, 2012 Frances016
Daisy, what a dreadful start but thank goodness your folks came to your rescue & gave you the lovly life you much deserve. You are such a beautiful girl. Must be wonderful having your brothers & sisters to play with. Here's wishing You & them a great life, filled with happiness and good health. xxx
Jan 3, 2012 houndini
What a beautiful hound! Those markings! At first glance, I thought Daisy was wearing a scarf :) Always good to hear of a rescue. I too have a hound that no one wanted - a Treeing Walker whose eyes can melt your heart, just like Daisy! One of these days, I'll post his pics! Meanwhile, that's him as my avitar. Take care.
Jan 3, 2012 drakes' granny
Daisy is a beautiful girl. She looks very alert and has loving eyes for the person with the camera. Give her some treats and cuddles for me too please.
Jan 3, 2012 WATERDOG
Uh Oh, Someone in town is gonna burn the chicken if they don't turn it soon. What would we do without the hounds! Good Girl, Cheers!
Jan 3, 2012 GSDLVR
Daisy is beautiful. Thank you for rescuing her.
Jan 3, 2012 chelsearosebud
Sweet Daisy with the incredibly beautiful markings! Another 'happy ending' story for all of us to enjoy in the New Year. Thank you for taking this beautiful, soulful girl into your hearts and home. She's lovely.
Jan 3, 2012 malawi
Yup ~~ so many dogs, so few people with brains. Daisy is a lovely girl and so glad she ended up in a loving home
Jan 3, 2012 beckykristula
She's too cute! Those hound eyes are hard to resist - I know first hand what its like! Thanks for rescuing her - it's so sad that people bring home a puppy when they aren't ready for it. I think that might be what happened to my little girl too. We found her Jan. 31st 2009 at about 3-5 months old. I suspect she may have been a Christmas puppy that was highway-dumped when they changed their minds - do the math on the timing. Thanks again!
Jan 3, 2012 The Raven
Lucky Daisey, Lucky You, perfect story. She is so beautiful and looks so happy and loved. What a great family. Win-win-win-win. I like stories like this to start my day.
Jan 3, 2012 mara31
Dear Daisy, your story touched my heart, and your look melts ice. I wish you a happy life, kisses for you and your beautiful loving family!
Jan 3, 2012 gryt
Aww what a sweet face!
Jan 3, 2012 virgilsmama
Yes, this is my special girl and I just this minute clicked to the DP and had my breath taken away to see that Daisy was chosen as the GUP of the day. I feel like I just won a multimillion dollar lottery. I am so proud and happy for so many people to see her and hear her story. Those of us who support animal causes should enjoy a day of hope for our beloved canines, felines, horses, you name it! To the Dp people, you are so deep in my heart for so many reasons I thank you for celebrating my pretty girl. I am honored. Love from Liz, Scott, Daisy and Buddy Thank you, thank you.
Jan 3, 2012 Missmilamae
GULP...Oh Daisy, be still my heart, you are a beauty with those soulful, houndy eyes and long, velvety ears. SO glad you were rescued...sounds like love and devotion runs deep in your wonderful family. Wishing you many happy years ahead.
Jan 3, 2012 SiobhanOLS
Oh, Daisy! Under a deck, all alone? That actually made me cry. :'( Well, you are at your furever home now, and getting all the love you deserve and having fun with all those brothers and sisters, too. So here's a kiss :-* and a wish for you to have all the hugs and belly for all the years to come!
Jan 3, 2012 lucybee
What a magnificent picture of a beautiful hound.I'm so glad you were rescued from those horrid people.
Jan 3, 2012 virgilsmama
Thank you everyone for recognizing my Daisy with your nice comments. Her whole family appreciates this! Best of life to all of you in 2012!
Jan 3, 2012 Mini Anderson Cooper
Daisy, You are a really beautiful girl. This photo is amazing and your love shows in your beautiful eyes. All the best to you and and your family. Pug Hugs from Mini Anderson Cooper and mom Elizabeth in NY~
Jan 3, 2012 tomthumb
Daisy, you have everythiing you need cutie. A loving home and many brothers and sisters to share love, toys and lots of hours playing. Good luck.
Jan 3, 2012 kian
Hello sweet Daisy! You are so fortunate to have sweet family, I can see that in your eyes. Congrats Liz on welcoming this cutie into your home and sharing her with us. Many happy years with your wonderful family Daisy!
Jan 3, 2012 Baby Sister
"I know you want to move and let ME sit in that big comfy chair"
Jan 3, 2012 mychiensr1
Daisy is sooo cute! Thank you for rescued all these babies. They are very lucky to have Virgil'mama in their life. I wish Daisy, baby boy Buddy, Rosebudd, Midi and your wonderful mommy and daddy A Happy New Year! As for the Virgil. He is playing fetch with the Angles right now up there. I love you too, Virgil baby!
Jan 3, 2012 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Daisy, congratulations beautiful girl, on being our Grown Up Puppy of the Day!!! I am bursting with happiness for you, (and your Mum). I know what a special Princess you are and I also know how fortunate you were to be rescued by your Mum and Dad. I hope your little brother is learning his manners from you! I want to give those lovely ear flaps (leathers) of yours a long, long stroke and hear you Baroooo to the world. God bless sweet angel. With big huge hugs from two of your wee friends in the Great White North, Oliver & Henry, and of course, their Mum too. xoxoxoxoxo mmmmmmmmmmWAH!
Jan 3, 2012 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Normally, I don't comment twice, but I always comment first and then read what others wrote. If only half of the people knew that Daisy recently lost her big Brother, Virgil to cancer, and how she has been her Mama's rock, they would love her even more than they do now! I knew "Baby Sister" would post. :) Liz, bask in the glow darling. You and Daisy deserve to be celebrated! You are a huge part of the DP family and we love you for your unconditional support of others, your love for all living things and just for being you. Daisy is a lucky girl indeed. I can see cheeky determination in that face, and "Baby Sister's" comment made me laugh as I don't doubt Daisy will give a good stare down for a desired spot on a particular chair. Big huge hugs and God bless you Liz, Scott, Daisy and Buddy! xo
Jan 3, 2012 pelligrino
What face! It's wonderful to know this precious girl ended up is such a loving home! Daisy had a rough start but now has the life all pets deserve!
Jan 3, 2012 wolfgirl66
Jan 3, 2012 pupfanatic
Oh Daisy, the first part of your bio just breaks my heart!!!! You little love...God Bless your Mama and Daddy for giving you endless love. It's obvious they love you so much. You are such a doll, look at those ears!!!
Jan 4, 2012 veronica
so cute. x
Jan 4, 2012 yellowdog10
Daisy you are a pretty girl! I bet you are really sweet and loyal too! I hope you have many more years with your loving family that rescued you. I'm glad you found them and they found you :)
Jan 4, 2012 Coinshop
Oh how I love that face!!!
Jan 6, 2012 guerrero's grandma
What a beautiful girl you are Daisy! so sad those kids didn't know what a treasure you are! so glad you found a more loving home... Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you pretty girl
Jan 7, 2012 Jose
Daisy you're soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope that you have a great life with lot's of love. Hugs and kisses to you.
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