Daisy the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Beagle / Rat Terrier

It took us years to get over the loss of our first dog, Zoe, a beagle / Chihuahua mix, who lived 16 spunky years. We weren't even sure we were ready for another, but then one day we stopped at the animal shelter....and...well, you know what happens when you do that! We knew we wanted another small yet tough pup with a big personality. And we found her! Daisy is a beagle / rat terrier mix. She was 9 months old when we adopted her, and obviously hadn't been trained at all. Luckily she's super smart and eager to learn! She has crazy amounts of energy and runs circles (literally) around every other dog in the neighborhood. She loves and charms every single person and dog she meets. She's higher energy than we're used to, and we're still trying to break her of using her teeth as hands, but she loves nothing more that lying across your lap on the couch or on your belly in bed, preferably while chewing on a bone.