Dawson the Brittany Spaniel

Dog Breed: Unknown

Dawson's mom says: Dawson is an extremely loving Brittany Spaniel. We got him at six months of age, he was the last of a litter and he had not sold. We were not even looking for a pet at the time, let alone a dog as our daughter Emily had just lost her 9 year old rabbit Matilda to old age. We got Dawson in July of 2005 after Emily spotted an ad in our local paper. So my husband Paul, son Connor, Emily and I went to see him and it was love at first sight, we just could not leave him there! He waits on the veranda for Emily and Connor to come home from school every day and runs in circles and barks his hellos and to tell them all about his day and how much he missed them while they were away. His favorite thing in the world is ear rubs and he groans like an outboard motor when you rub his ears. When Dawson was 18 months old we got a Maltese x Shih Tzu, and named him Oscar for Dawson to be a big brother to. Dawson loved him straight away, and lets Oscar jump all over him and they sleep snuggled up together. They run and play, chase birds and wrestle and are never apart. It is Dawson's 3rd birthday on January 18th. He showed us just how much love and fun a dog can bring to a family. Now we are complete. Dad, Mum, Kids and Dogs!