Deno the Rat Terrier

Dog Breed: Rat Terrier

Meet Denver Reno (aka Deno) the Toy Rat Terrier. He is named for the city of his birth and his human grandpa. Deno came to us after the loss of our beloved Coco. He's very smart and quickly learned sit, stay, come and how to train your humans. He loves to run with his big ears flying. (On windy days we often wonder if he will take flight like Dumbo!) True to his Rat Terrier nature, he has tons of energy and loves to play, but also has an off switch. He likes nothing more than to cuddle up on a lap. In fact, if you sit down in our house, he considers it an open invitation for some puppy companionship. When it's time for bed, he will run to his place and snuggle under his blankets. He's only 5 1/2 pounds, but don't tell him. He thinks he's a Doberman. Deno is a wonderful buddy and makes our lives so much richer. He has filled the hole in our hearts Coco left behind.