Desmond the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd / Poodle

Hi! My name is Desmond. My family calls me Des for short, but I've started to respond to pretty much any cute nickname they think up for me. I'm extremely social and friendly and can barely hold back the excitement if I see someone on one of my walks. If someone decides to pet me, I'll just roll over on my back and let them have at it! My mom thinks I'd make a great Latin ballroom dancer because I wiggle my butt so much. When at home, I'm always thinking of the next sneaky thing to do. If I see any slippers or undergarments laying around, I'll snap them up immediately and go somewhere private to do my work. Sometimes my mommy doesn't even catch me, but when she does I can tell she gets upset so I try to make up for it by giving lots and lots of kisses. So far my strategy works!