Dexter the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Dexter's mom says: Dexter came to me after my first golden retriever, Jaxon, had to be put to sleep due to a brain tumor. Dexter filled the space left by Jaxon and then created a place of his own. I used to teach kindergarten at a private school, and Dexter went to school with me every Friday from the time he was eight months old. Every day, students would ask me, "Is it Dexter Day yet?" Dexter seemed to choose a different "special" student on each visit and would lie beside their desk during work time. He was a willing subject for dressing up, playing doctor, or simply chasing a ball on the playground. Students who didn't like to participate in class would vie to answer a question when Dexter was in the room. I'm no longer teaching, but whenever Dexter goes out in public, children flock to his side, and he loves to soak up the attention. In most of the stores he's allowed in, the employees know him by name and have treats waiting for him. Dexter knows this and will rush me through my shopping so he can get to the counter and put his paws up to ask for a treat. All in all, Dexter is a wonderful golden retriever, and my life wouldn't be the same without him in it.