Dexter the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

Dexter's mom and dad say: Dexter is a real character! He is full of personality and is one of a kind. His mum was a beagle / basset cross and his dad was a brindled Boston terrier. He is three years old now but he joined our family at four months and quickly showed his amazing escape talents. We should have named him Houdini. Dex has been known to climb a chain-link fence, and he loves to jump, leap, and race around. As his groomer said, "Dex is built for speed." When he's not being active and getting into mischief, Dexter loves to sleep or lie/sit on the furniture watching out the window. One memorable time, Dexter climbed a ladder-backed lawn chair to look into the kitchen window and see what we were doing! He's such a great friend and we love him dearly.