Diamond the Adoptable Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Border Collie / Labrador Retriever

Diamond is the most endearing, lovable 18-month-old Border Collie / Labrador mix with the ability to melt your heart with the touch of her paw. Diamond loves to touch you with her paw, placing in on your arm or shoulder, as if to say she is there for you no matter what. She is great on leash, never moving too far ahead or behind you when you are on a walk. She is quite the companion, ready to go with you wherever need be. She is mid-size, with soft black hair and her curly tail that bounces as she prances next to you. She sits for a treat and is very attentive to what you want from her. Diamond ended up in a crowded shelter because her owners decided to move and did not take her along. Who could leave such a wonderful friend behind? Their loss will definitely be someone else's gain because Diamond is the sweetest dog with the biggest heart. Come meet her and your heart will never be the same. Please visit for more info.