Dixie the Mini Australian Shepherd

Dog Breed: Unknown

Dixie's mom says: Dixie is a blue merle mini Australian shepherd who has become the center of attention at our house. My husband and I went to pick out a puppy from a breeder in Oklahoma, and despite their attempts to steer us toward a calmer, gentler little boy puppy, I'd already fallen in love with Dixie's precious little face from the pictures I'd seen of her. I wanted to name her Stella, but we quickly realized that Stella was far too tame, so my husband came up with Dixie. (However, we end up calling her "Stinker" most of the time.) She is full of energy; I have yet to see another dog outlast her. And she is smart as a whip; training has been a breeze. She loves a good belly rub and riding in the car with her head out the window, and she is determined to make our two cats her best friends, although they won't hear of such a thing. She noses our heels as we walk, and she follows us from room to room to keep an eye on her "herd" at all times. Last December we adopted a standard Aussie, Belle, and she tolerates Dixie's incessant attempts to play with the utmost patience and grace. They are two peas in a pod, and they have filled our lives with far more joy than we ever imagined. If Dixie's first year is any sign of things to come, we're one lucky family to have this little lady in our life.