Doedie the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Maltese / Papillon

This is Doedie. She is a Maltese x Pappillon although we are not sure whether this is correct as she seems to be more terrier like than Maltese. She is a gorgeous 18 month old pup who loves attention. She can not resist going for a bike ride and munching on her favorite bone. Her toys are never far away and those birds and bats better watch out, she sure knows what she is doing. She loves to play fetch and aims to please the family, sitting, lying down, staying, leaving alone, rolling and even jumping endlessly on command. She is a vibrant bundle of energy that can never be missed. Her well behaved manner is rewarded with love and hugs and kisses all day long. She is spoiled rotten and is the best puppy anyone could ask for.