Dutch and Amber

Dog Breed: Unknown

Dutch and Amber's mom says: Dutch is our grown-up puppy who had his sporting dog career cut short when diagnosed at age seven with bilateral laryngeal paralysis (LP). Four years later hes still truckin along after two tieback surgeries. Dutch is as active as a dog can be with LP. He always stops to smell the hyacinths (or whatever happens to be in bloom) on his daily walks. As an LP dog, Dutch can never wear anything around his neck and instead sports a bright orange harness as fashion apparel. Dutch is a relentless puppy who romps with his five-year-old adopted retriever-mix playmate, Amber. He is living proof that dogs with severe LP can survive long term and enjoy life! We adopted Amber in October 2005. Amber and another dog had been living as outdoor dogs. They were given to the shelter when their owner's house burned down. Best Dawg rescued them from the shelter and got Amber treatment for heartworm and Lyme disease. We adopted her afterwards. Amber is a beautiful, wonderful dog just like Dutch! She is around six years old and sweet as can be. We just sent away for a DNA test kit and are placing family bets on her "pedigree."