Dyna the Cane Corso

Dog Breed: Mastiff

This is our beloved Dyna. She is a retired breeding dog and is about the gentlest dog that I have ever met. We initially thought about adopting a puppy but we did not have the time to raise a little one. We started calling around to see if anyone had any adult dogs available and we found her breeder, a great lady who had held onto Dyna even though she was not breeding her anymore because she was so gentle. She adapted very well to life in our house after living five years in a kennel. She made friends quickly with the cats. She loves her dog bed and the couch where she likes to arrange pillows and blankets before falling asleep. She snores fairly loudly, so she stays in the living room at night. She loves going for walks in the woods and "gallumpfing" through the snow after us when we are cross-country skiing.