Elphie the Beagle/Hound

Dog Breed: Unknown

Elphie's dad says: I met Elphie at a rescue center about an hour and a half outside of Madison, WI. She had two sisters with her and the person at the rescue center told us that the former "owners" were going to have them put down. I was sitting on the floor with all three of them in my lap and just kind of gasped. Two of the others went off to play together, but Elphie sat in my lap and continued to play with ME for two hours. I knew she was my little girl then. She is ten shades of trouble and knows it. She has a big voice and likes to talk (actually yell) at me whenever she can. We recently moved from Wisconsin to the Chicago area and she has become quite the "city dog." She'll go out on walks, meet up with other dogs and play, try to lick people's faces (some people don't like this much), and run around my backyard with reckless abandon. She is about one and a half now and is quite the cheeky little monkey. Look at that face!!