Emmitt the Welsh Terrier

Dog Breed: Welsh Terrier

Emmitt is so full of energy. He loves riding in the car. He loves it when Dad gets the 4-wheeler out so he can ride it. He loves to play ball until he gets so hot he climbs in the pond to cool off. He loves his toys. He always sits in the chair in the kitchen while Mom gets ready for work, hoping she will take him with her for the day. He always has to know what everyone is doing at all time-- he's very nosy but very lovable.

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wolfgirl66 Nov 5, 2011
Adorable Emmitt looks very very sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

love dogs too Nov 5, 2011

Missmilamae Nov 5, 2011
Emmitt you (and friend) are just precious! Looks like you enjoy a...

biochemphd2 Nov 5, 2011
Emmitt you are living the life you deserve!!!

Bears...just b-claws Nov 5, 2011
Emmitt you are a real sweetheart. Hugs

Bear'sMum Nov 5, 2011
My Timmy Poodle used to do this - or glare up at people who dared to...

jackie2j Nov 5, 2011
Don't they just love to cuddle under a blanket, I'm sure...

janet weir Nov 5, 2011
That is one adorable baby! I am Welsh too!!!!

amyliz Nov 5, 2011
Emmitt, you are an adorable little imp! Many happy and healthy years...

amyliz Nov 5, 2011
Awww...I just can resist these sleepy time pictures!

chelsearosebud Nov 5, 2011
Emmitt, Your "adorableness" is off the charts! Busy, happy,...

missO Nov 5, 2011
You are adorable, Emmitt. It sounds like life is good. Many happy dog...

daphne's mom Nov 5, 2011
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!...

CA puppylover Nov 5, 2011
Love you, Emmitt! Have a snuggly nap and a long and happy terrier life.

violadagams Nov 5, 2011
Oh Emmitt - As the owner of a fox terrier myself, I love your...

virgilsmama Nov 5, 2011
Every puppy in the world should have this! Emmitt you are terrific,...

cane corso Nov 5, 2011
"HELLO! Where is everyone? We're waiting!" Too cute.

Abiglen Nov 5, 2011
It's take your doggy to work day, Mommy, can you I go, please. ...

Abiglen Nov 5, 2011
I meant to say 'can I go'....sorry!

iluvk9s Nov 5, 2011
Soooo sweet!!!!!

drakes' granny Nov 5, 2011
Emmitt is a very handsome fella with a happy smile.

leepem Nov 5, 2011

dogmommy Nov 5, 2011
Hey!! Hey did ya know I'm on the other side of this darn...

Coinshop Nov 5, 2011
Emmitt, what a gentleman! Adorable.

pirosred Nov 5, 2011
What great photos. Emmitt is a doll !

gypsyrobin Nov 5, 2011
What a perfect little boy!!

tzumom Nov 5, 2011
You are just darling little one, love your colors. Lots of love and...

lucybee Nov 5, 2011
You look very cozy in this pic.I love that today was devoted to...

Jose Nov 6, 2011
Emmitt your sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope that you have a...

guerrero's grandma Nov 6, 2011
Emmitt, aren't you the cutest little dude! I love your curly...