Ethel the Labrador Mix

Dog Breed: Beagle / Labrador Retriever

I got Ethel back in 2007 as a puppy when I adopted her from the Memphis Animal Shelter. I had finished school and wasn't so busy any more, and I just needed to have another dog in my life. Two days after adopting her, I found out I had Stage IV Melanoma. My first thought was how in the world will I keep this tiny puppy when I have cancer? Ethel quickly became my rock. On the days I was the sickest, I kept on going because I had to get home to take care of Ethel, or because I had to pick her up from daycare. With a prognosis of three to six months to live, I still today believe Ethel is the reason I am still alive, almost four years later. Today, I live back at home while I continue treatment and attend school to get additional education. Ethel has been my miracle dog, and is truly the best friend a person could have. I owe so much to Ethel for keeping me going and keeping my attitude positive as I continue to battle this disease.