Evie the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Dog Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Evie's mom says: We became heartbroken in November 2006 when our darling girl Rosie died very suddenly. We missed the company and were suffering with the prospect of Christmas coming. It was an awful time. My first thought was to get a puppy. My husband said, "Anyone can do that, let's try a rescue dog." Over the New Year weekend we searched the Internet. Surprisingly there were none around, except this very badly treated female Staff about two to three years old, kept in a shed for breeding and baiting. We called her Evie because she came over the New Year's Eve weekend. She is the sweetest darling. She didn't know what play is, still doesn't know what to do with a ball. She loves our bed and has the sweetest nature given her background. Evie will never replace our other darling but she is helping us heal and we are proud to be giving her a new life. She will want for nothing ever again.